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Understanding machine safety and operational efficiency in your business

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Inaco can help companies ensure their machinery’s compliance with the required standards, maximising the operational efficiency of their plant and machinery as well as return on investment.

Compliance with AS4024.1-2006 ‘Safety of Machinery’ and EN13849:2012 ensures that potential risks and hazards of the plant, whether in day-to-day operations or during maintenance have been eliminated or reduced using a recognised method of risk analysis, such as EN ISO 12100:2010. 

This follows a systematic method of identifying the potential hazards and risk that an operator working with the machine could face, and then using four parameters (degree of probable harm, frequency of exposure, likelihood of occurrence and number of persons exposed to the risk) to allow a rating to be assigned to each hazard.

This information allows companies to identify the hazard and implement strategies for mitigation, and be able to measure the effectiveness of the mitigation program. 

The mitigation program can be a mix of machine design, energy isolation, guarding to prevent access to any hazardous areas, safety interlocks to only allow access when the machine is in a safe state, administration controls, personal protective equipment and other methods that reduce the risk and hazard. 

An exclusive distributor for Rockwell Automation, Inaco uses their TUV certified safety engineers to provide independent machine safety risk assessments. This ensures that the assessment is conducted to the latest Australian and International Standards by engineers who have years of industrial knowledge.

Inaco advises companies to make sure that their machinery is free from hazards and risks, protecting personnel from injury, or possibly death. By assessing machinery hazards, they can prevent worker injury, and maximise machinery efficiency and ROI.

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