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IMTEC has released the Ringspann range of power transmission equipment. Freewheels can be used for indexing, as backstops (holdbacks) or as overrunning clutches.

They are either sprag or roller types with both offering positive drive in one direction of rotation and free running in the other. The range of freewheel designs caters for shaft diameters from 8mm to 320mm and torque capacities from 2.5Nm to 364,000Nm.

Ringspann's torque limiters come in sizes from 7mm to 125mm shaft diameter and torque settings from 0.5Nm to 10,000Nm.

Industrial Disc Brakes also form part of Ringspann's range. They can be spring activated and hydraulically, pneumatically, electromagnetically or manually released, alternatively vice versa. The mounting can be horizontal or vertical. Braking torques range from 3Nm to 23,770Nm. The simple and space-saving designs are suitable for existing and new installations. Features include high heat dissipation, ease of maintenance and swivel-mounted asbestos-free friction blocks to ensure full face contact.

Other Ringspann products include axial force limiters, piston rod clamping units for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, speed monitors, clamping couplings for the connection of rollers, star spring washers to axially pre-load bearings and star discs for shaft-hub connections.

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