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Imprestik Labels offers labels, adhesives and liners

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Imprestik Labels  is a pioneer in providing special stocks of backing-papers and adhesives. These adhesives and backing papers satisfy all the requirements of the customers for performance and reliablity.  

Various liners and papers are offered by Imprestik Labels such as clear liner that can be used for high-speed application as it provides extreme strength to the backing-paper and destructible stock that is ideal for tamper-evident labels can easily be obtained from Imprestik Labels.

Apart from this, some more papers and liners are also offered by Imprestik Labels such as clear liner that provides a beautiful direct printed appearance, soluble stock, uncoated stock for beautiful offset printed textured surfaces and many other papers and liners are also offered by Imprestik Labels.

A wide range of special purpose adhesives is also offered by Imprestik Labels that includes cold temperature, ultra permanent and removable adhesives. Hi-Dec division at Imprestik Labels offers high quality contract labelling services. Standard primary labelling, over-labelling and special tube-labelling application services are also offered by Hi-Dec division at Imprestik Labels for various promotional purposes.

Imprestik Labels offers high-build varnishes for the labels. A high-build varnish is manufactured using screen-printing that creates a gloss raised-surface or clear finish. This varnish is used on labels to convey safety warnings and also provides a unique visual appeal to the decorative labels.

Apart from this, thermal chromic and scratch off inks are also offered by Imprestik Labels to be used for several purposes.

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