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Webmaster is an innovative patented machine, which can be easily integrated into high a speed label applicator either rotary or in-line types.

The Webmaster automatically applies self adhesive labels, splices a new label reel onto the active label web in the run and automatically removes the waste off the waste spindle, dropping it into a waste bin also on the run.

For control and operator interface the Webmaster is equipped with an Alan Bradley PLC and touch screen as standard equipment.

The Webmaster minimises the down time caused by label reel changes and waste removal, and will reduce pressure on the operators trying to perform a splice while the machine is in operation. The operator is not required to be near the machine when a splice or a waste removal function takes place, so as a result one operator may be able to attend other duties while the machine is running.

Webmaster can be purchased as a free standing labelling head with one or both functions - the splicing attachment or the waste removal is system.

Splicing: The automatic splicing facility will allow the trailing edge of a label web to be joined to the leading edge of the next web. This will enable self-adhesive labels to run continuously, without the need to stop for label reel changes.

Automatic waste removal: The automatic waste removal facility will allow the waste carrier web to be bundled into a roll and removed/ejected automatically exclusive of labels, from the labelling head. The waste web is cut prior to ejection, the waste bundle is then ejected and the remaining waste web is automatically reattached to waste ejection spindle for continuing operation.

The labelling station: The labelling station is attached to the splicer/waste removal device. The labelling station is fully self contained and has its own applicator support, with 4 directional slides. The labelling station uses a high power AC servo motor for its web drive.

The Webmaster is available from Impresstik .

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