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Protag automatic roll-fed neck-tag application system from Impresstik

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Protag, an innovative automatic roll-fed neck-tag application system has just been patented and launched internationally as an alternative to conventional promotional neck-tags. Custom designed as an integrated tag and applicator solution, and using a unique liner-less system, the concept has been developed by Sydney-based Reeltek Systems International (a division of the Impresstik group).

Protag offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional hand-applied neck-tags, and to the currently available dry-peel alternatives, which use standard pressure-sensitive label applicators, involve backing-paper waste, and are notoriously difficult to apply accurately and efficiently.

The Protag applicator can be easily installed as a free-standing unit into production lines, and is equipped with a feed-screw for accurate product handling and neck-tag placement.

Machines are available for purchase, lease, or rental where required. Already widely utilised by key wine producers in Australia, the concept offers enormous potential for on-pack promotional applications on bottled products in a wide number of industries world-wide.

Reeltek Systems is currently appointing international licensees to locally manufacture Protags, and to market the complete system, including application machines. The first licensee, Canadian-based Tapp Technologies, has already been appointed to exclusively market the system to the wine and alcoholic beverage industries throughout the U.S.A. & Canada.

Reeltek and Impresstik Systems will be exhibiting at Labelexo Americas in Chicago, with each division seeking to recruit licensees and agents to market both Protag and Impresstik’s range of p/s label applicators to all other industries (and in other countries).

Protag to the test – BRL Hardy case story:

The BRL Hardy Wine Company, one of the first to use the Protag system in Australia, required a promotional neck-tag for a 1.2 million run on its R&R brand. The Protag draws attention to a special promotional product, containing 33.3% extra wine in an elongated claret bottle (for the regular 750ml price).

In this case, the Protag applicator was programmed to automatically tag every other promotional bottle on the conveyer, as per BRL Hardy’s requirements. The end result and the advantages seen from using the Protag system are summarised below by BRL Hardy:

BRL Hardy comment:

The new automated neck tag application concept was a breath of fresh air. BRL Hardy has tried different systems over time, but continue to hand apply its neck tags, incurring increased labour costs and sacrificing machineline speed.

Impressed by Reeltek’s claimed capabilities and costs, BRL Hardy decided to put Protag to the test. From the initial presentation to machine supply, Reeltek had just 8 weeks (including the Christmas break) to meet BRL Hardy’s installation deadline.

In addition, Reeltek printed and supplied over 700,000 neck tags on continuous rolls. Given the machine’s application speed, and the fact that no time was lost on roll-changing (and no sticky backing paper to discard), Protag was not only efficient to run, but presented BRL Hardy with significant savings.

Also of importance to BRL Hardy (being a Marketer), the neck tags sat surprisingly well on the bottle and did not move around or fall off. BRL Hardy’s experience in using the new Protag system was good.

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