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DVT, represented by Imotiv , has introduced a new inspection tool, the Legend LS line scan vision system. Unveiled at the Vision Show East in Boston, the Legend LS line scan camera gives customers a much broader range of inspection capabilities.

DVT chairman Bob Steinke said DVT had now hit the 'sweet 16' level.

"What this means for our customers is that we now offer 16 products - the broadest range of fully integrated machine vision solutions in the industry.

"As the sophistication and diversity of inspection applications grow, we will grow accordingly. The machine vision industry worldwide is on the move and DVT will continue to lead the way."

The line scan Legend LS, which incorporates a Texas Instruments DSP processor, has a 2K linear sensor yielding images up to 18,000 lines per second. It will use DVT's new FrameWork 3.0 software.

Steve Gieseking, director of research & development, said the Legend LS would have a major impact on two application types: unwrapping cylindrical objects for label inspection and scanning an object to obtain a high resolution image. "Using an encoder feature in FrameWork 3.0, the Line Scan Legend LS will provide consistent sampling for a number of applications," he said.

"This machine vision system will run the full array of FrameWork tools and in some cases will be suitable for applications that formerly required a cluster of high-resolution cameras. This will result in more power for the end user at a lower price point."

The Legend LS, like all DVT machine vision products supplied by Imotiv, comes with free training, free software, and free support.

DVT is the only machine vision company to offer a support model that includes free classroom, online and CD-based training, free software and software upgrades, and free online technical support.

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