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Immersive Technologies Releases Advanced Equipment Simulators for Surface and Underground Mining

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article image Advanced Equipment Simulators for Surface Mining (top) and Underground Mining

Immersive Technologies  introduces their new range of next generation advanced equipment simulators for surface mining and underground mining applications.  

Immersive Technologies is a leading mining equipment simulator provider. The two new simulators include the PRO3 for surface mining and the UG360 for underground mining.

Designed to enhance training effectiveness with new technologies, the PRO3 and UG360 systems significantly raise the standard for mining equipment training simulators.

The PRO3 simulators build on the huge success of their predecessor model, the AES Series 2B, which has become the global standard in the mining industry over the past 10 years with many hundreds of units located across 29 countries.    

PRO3 mining equipment simulators are designed to simulate surface mining equipment, and are available in transportable and classroom versions.  

The new UG360 has been designed for the specific needs of the underground mining industry and is the first of its kind to deliver the level of realism accuracy required for training.

The PRO3 and UG360 simulators are a result of a 3-year R&D project funded by Immersive Technologies to establish new standards for the mining industry.  

Key objectives for the PRO3 and UG360 mining equipment simulators included maximising training effectiveness, simplifying usability and extending reliability.

PRO3 surface mining simulators include a seamless 180-degree visual display system, together with a unique feature that dynamically adjusts the perspective of the operator, providing a true real-world view outside of the cabin while simultaneously increasing the operator’s level of depth perception.

UG360 underground mining simulators include a new 360-degree visual system designed specifically for the unique needs of underground mining.  

Both mining equipment simulators are installed with new, highly responsive motion platforms that accurately simulate the movement of mining equipment.  

In addition to high simulation realism, the PRO3 and UG360 simulators incorporate advancements for transportation, increased ambient temperature operating range, occupant comfort as well as simplified usability and serviceability.

Peter Salfinger, CEO, Immersive Technologies says that the next generation simulators are a quantum leap forward for their customers and the mining industry.  

He adds that Immersive is focused squarely on increasing the operator safety and the profitability of their mining customers.

The PRO3 surface mining simulator was displayed for the first time recently at the AusIMM 7th Large Open Pit Mining Conference in Perth, Western Australia where it received substantial interest from new and existing Immersive Technologies’ customers.

Immersive Technologies’ exclusive technical alliances with leading OEMs enable the company to offer OEM-supported conversion kits along with the new PRO3 and UG360 simulators.

PRO3’s compatibility with 500+ existing Immersive conversion kits (interchangeable machine controls), custom lessons, scenarios and custom mine sites previously developed allows AES 2 and AES Series 2B customers to move up to a new PRO3 simulator without having to replace their existing conversion kits and supporting systems.

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