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Disc management and security solution

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article image The Disk Stakka disc management system.

IMATION has released the Disc Stakka, an automated carousel that stores, protects, and retrieves discs.

The unit holds up to 100 12cm discs and is linked to a PC or Mac computer via a single USB connection supplying both power and data. Units can be stacked up to five high, creating a tower that holds 500 discs without additional cables or desk space.

Businesses can expand the system further by creating more than 100 towers that can be linked via powered USB hubs to store, manage and protect over 50,000 discs all from the one computer. Disc Stakka units can be added or removed from anywhere in the system without having to reboot.

The bundled OpdiTracker software can find and eject a disc in seconds. When a new disc is inserted into the computer's CD or DVD drive, OpdiTracker automatically recognises it and gives users the option to add its name and capture its contents in the database. It can then be stored safely in the Disc Stakka for immediate retrieval. Users can search OpdiTracker's database of stored discs by title, keyword, directory, or file name to find and eject any disc within seconds.

OpdiTracker has a password protection system, enabling businesses and home users to control access to each unit. The system also allows users to record the name of the person who borrows a disc.

Optional OpdiTracker Pro software provides additional search criteria, password protection for individual discs and advanced reporting capabilities.

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