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VRTX water treatment system available from Imatech

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Imatech ’s VRTX product line is a proven, field-tested and patented technology that eliminates environmentally hazardous chemicals from water treatment programs in industrial cooling-, process-and waste water systems and creates opportunities to clean, save and recycle precious water resources.

The VRTX system offers a sustainable and bullet-proof water treatment solution with low maintenance requirements and is suitable for the control of scale, corrosion and micro-organisms in industrial and commercial cooling water systems, industrial air pollution scrubbers, safety showers, machine coolants and general industrial process water streams.

VRTX uses the combined effects of hydrodynamic cavitation and mechanical shear to drive chemistry changes in the water and to destroy micro-organisms.

Hydrodynamic cavitation is the formation, growth and implosive collapse of vapour bubbles in a turbulent liquid.

Hydrodynamic cavitation takes place at a microscopic scale and has a short duration of about a billionth of a second, yet under the right conditions it can generate intense transient intense pressures of approx. 1,000 atm, temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees Celsius and liquid microjets which can penetrate metal surfaces. Chemical reactions are forced to proceed under these conditions.

VRTX systems have minimal moving parts and its water treatment process is hardly affected by otherwise restricting or disturbing factors such as alkaline or acidic source water, high or low pH, hardness, TSS or TDS, making it a low maintenance water treatment system that can be monitored by observing simple parameters such as inlet and vacuum pressure.

The VRTX cavitation chamber is highly durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Several systems have been in operation for over 14 years and continue to operate effectively.

VRTX effectively addresses all aspects of a good water treatment program in a sustainable and low maintenance package, and is available in sizes ranging from 75 LPM to 3,800 LPM.

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