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Sprayable Composites from Imatech :


Sprayable composite ideal for atmospheric exposures as well as immersion in water and moderate industrial corrosives. Typically used in tanks, pipes and exteriors of all equipment subject to corrosive environments. Colours: Gray or blue.


Sprayable composite ideal for erosion and corrosion. ARC S2 is the sprayable version of ARC 855. Ideal in fluid flow, chemical immersion, tanks and severe atmospheric corrosion applications. Colours: Gray or green.


Suitable for resurfacing and protecting metal surfaces in immersion service subjected to extreme corrosive or severe fluid flow conditions. Offers good resistance to blistering and erosion during long-term immersion conditions. Good adhesion properties insure reliable performance against under-film corrosion. Colours: Gray or blue.


Sprayable composite for severe alkaline environments. Suitable for chemical applications involving immersion, splash/spill and vapor exposure requiring good alkaline resistance. Typical applications include tanks, basins, pipes and process equipment. Colours: Gray or blue.

ARC S4+ / 982

ARC S4+ is an improved sprayable composite for immersion in severe acid environments where dilute conditions increase the likelihood of permeation. ARC 982 is a low viscosity, 100% solids multifunctional epoxy novolac lining for concentrated inorganic acids in immersion, splash/spill and fume conditions on metallic surfaces.

Both systems are based on novolac epoxy chemistry and may be applied with manual as well as airless spray technology. Typical applications include tanks, basins, pipes, and process equipment. Colours: ARC S4+ gray or red; ARC 982 light or medium gray.


Sprayable composite for high-temperature environments. Suitable for applications involving elevated temperature exposure to corrosive vapors. With proper post-curing, ARC PYRO S6 can withstand dry service environments up to 260ºC (500ºF). Typical applications include chimneys, exhaust gas ductwork, electrostatic precipitators, and baghouses. Colour: dark red.

ARC FR1 and FR2

Sprayable foul-release coating system. Suitable for applications involving biological fouling where a low surface energy coating with good release properties is required. Typical applications include cooling water systems, marine equipment, pipes, and process equipment. Colour: Gray.

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