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Magnetic drills available from Imatech

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article image Hougen Magnetic Drills

Hougen Magnetic Drills are good quality portable magnetic drills.

Hougen Magnetic Drills are designed for minimal operator fatigue, quick set-up and increased efficiency.

The stability and rigidity provided by Hougen Magnetic Drills allows for faster drilling of dimensionally accurate holes with high-quality surface finishes.

Hougen Magnetic Drills are highly versatile and can be operated in any position - vertically, horizontally or overhead.

Hougen Magnetic Drills come in various shapes and sizes.

The tiny HMD111 fits in drills up to 27mm diameter and 19mm depth of cut, while the medium size HMD908 is suitable for drilling holes up to 38mm diameter and 50mm depth of cut.

Larger models have sufficient drilling power to produce 78mm holes through 76mm thick material. Several models of magnetic drills have special features such as multi-speed spindles and power feed.

A wide range of accessories is available for your Hougen Magnetic Drill:

  • Annular Cutters
  • Countersink Drills and Chuck Adaptors
  • Replacement Parts
  • Pressurised Coolant Systems
  • Vac-Pad
  • Pipe Adaptor Kits
  • Spindle Adaptors
  • Ratchet Drives
  • Arbour Extenders

Hougen Magnetic Drills from Imatech can increase productivity and profit by getting the job done faster and more accurately.

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