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Machine/Repair Composites from Imatech

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Machine/Repair Composites from Imatech :


Rapid setting, emergency repair composite, designed to cure under water. ARC 5 solidifies quickly (5 to 10 minutes). Easily troweled on, ARC 5 is ideal for leak repair on tanks and pipes as well as for other emergency applications (e.g., cracked casings, mounting adhesives) where fast curing is required.


Rapid setting, emergency stick. Stick packaging makes ARC 5ES easy to carry and use. The product solidifies in 5 to 10 minutes. NSF-approved for drinking water contact. Thick, clay-like consistency allows it to be mixed in worker's hands (with glove protection) and can be applied to active leaks. Ideal for leak repair on tanks and pipes as well as for other emergency applications. Seals up to 0,28 kg/cm2 (4 psi) of head on active leaks and 7 kg/cm2 (100 psi) after-cure.

ARC 10

An all-purpose, high-performance, machinable composite, ARC 10 is easily troweled on. Its non-slumping consistency makes this ideal for permanent repairs of shafts, bearing housings, and sealing of leaks. ARC 10 is a commonly used machinable composite where exact tolerances are desired or required.

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