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Imatech’s Zero Gravity Filters available

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Imatech’s  Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF) Filtration Systems are an industrial range of fully automatic self-cleaning liquid filtration systems available in absolute micron ratings from 20µ to 400µ and scalable to any flowrate due to its modular design.

The high performance ZGF filters offer efficient, consistent filtration combined with low maintenance requirements and is suitable for applications such as the protection of heat exchangers, spray nozzles or analytical equipment, and for the filtration of process water, machine coolants, pump seal water, flume water, river intake and vehicle paint lines.

The key component in ZGF filtration systems is the spiral coil filter element made from aerospace grade stainless steel. Raised nidges on the surface of the coil ensure precise micron ratings.

During backwash, a supply of clean liquid travels in a reverse direction from the inside to the outside of the element. This reverse flow forces the filter coil to open evenly from top to bottom, and causes a shimmering effect, resulting in a 100% clean in a short time with a minimal amount of liquid. A typical backwash sequence is completed within 2 seconds and returns the filter element to its clean differential pressure every time.

ZGF filtration systems have minimal moving parts through simplicity of design, resulting in low maintenance and operating costs. The filter elements are readily accessible and are interchangeable between micron sizes.

The filter coils are durable and have a favourable wear characteristic resulting in an improvement in filtration efficiency and thus progressively better protection of your equipment.

The modular, PLC controlled ZGF filtration systems provide an autonomous filtration solution for uninterrupted, 24/7 filtration in a compact package.

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