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Imatech’s Chesterton 380 range of synthetic metalworking fluids available

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Imatech ’s Chesterton 380 range of synthetic metalworking fluids is designed to withstand the heat caused by the metal to metal contact and to greatly reduce the friction and temperature, thus extending tool life considerably compared to conventional soluble oils and semi-synthetics.

The Chesterton 380 range comprises 380 Machinery Coolant, 386 Grinding Fluid, 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid and 389 Synthetic Tapping Compound.

Chesterton 380 Machinery Coolant is a high-performance, low maintenance synthetic metalworking fluid that provides superior lubricity and cooling performance. Chesterton 380 Machinery Coolant is applicable to a broad range of machining operations ranging from slow speed applications to high speed turning, and it is particularly suitable for high precision, high quality and custom machining operations. 380 Machinery Coolant will provide maximum protection against bacterial growth and is tolerant to hard water. 380 Machinery Coolant is recommended for alloy steels, cast irons and exotic metals.

Chesterton 386 Grinding Fluid is a full synthetic premium coolant, designed to provide maximum productivity and the highest g-ratios with minimum downtime due to selective changeout of key performance additives, sump changeout or excessive wheel loading. Soluble oils result in a much greater wheel loading than is necessary due to swarf entrapment within the oil emulsion particles, causing the wheels to be dressed more frequently to restore performance. The fully synthetic 386 Grinding Fluid is not affected by this and will provide a much more efficient heat transfer resulting in extended tool life. Low foaming and oil free, 386 Grinding Fluid is suitable for all grinding applications including the high pressure demands of centreless grinding.

Chesterton 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid provides the industrial performance of conventional petroleum and solvent based fluids, while eliminating the hazards normally associated with these traditional products. The superior lubrication of a synthetic combined with maximum heat dissipating capability at the shear plane results in a product which extends tool life and keeps taps cool to permit rapid cutting. Chesterton 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid can be used for a variety of demanding metal cutting operations over a broad range of metals, including aluminium.

Chesterton 389 Synthetic Tapping Compound has the same features as 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid but has a much higher viscosity, resulting in easier use when applying the product in situ or at an angle. Similar to 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid, 389 Synthetic Tapping Compound can be used for various applications including tapping, boring, reaming, threading, drilling and milling.

Imatech’s Chesterton 380 range of metal working fluids provides the optimum solution for better quality, higher productivity and extended tool life.

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