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Imatech introduces new abrasion resistant pipeline system

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article image ArmorPIPE abrasion resistant pipeline system

Imatech 's innovative engineered ArmorPIPE solutions provide a level of wear resistance to pipes, bends and fittings in abrasive material transport applications.

Tested under intense abrasive conditions in mine backfill, ArmorPIPE has proven to outperform traditional systems with substantially improved availability and importantly, the ideal economical solution with low cost per tonne of fill reticulated.

The combination of good wear resistance and a uniform wear profile make Imatech’s ArmorPIPE systems particularly suitable for high-value and critical industrial processes such as slurry transport and mine backfill systems.

The Imatech MXR and BXR abrasion-resistant ceramic reinforced composite materials are professionally applied to the internal surface of the pipe using innovative application techniques at Imatech’s manufacturing facilities. The result is a stable, long-lasting pipe liner with a gradual and even wear pattern, with no risk of catastrophic liner failure by sheet delamination.

ArmorPIPE pipes and components are custom-designed and manufactured to deliver the optimal wear characteristics for each individual application.

Using the same design and production principles, Imatech can deliver pipes, spools, y-pieces, tees and other intricate fittings to suit any application.

Couplings and tool joints including screwed, welded, victaulic and flanged connections are tailored to customer specifications to suit existing systems and infrastructure, minimising costs of change to the operation.

The optional innovative ImaGAUGE device can be fitted on any ArmorPIPE component to enable quick and easy in-situ wear monitoring without the need for pipeline disassembly or time-consuming inspection procedures.

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