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ImaGRATE grating systems from Imatech

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Imatech now offer a safe and reliable range of grating systems. With one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material, ImaGRATE grating is strong and durable, ready for years of dependable use. Unlike steel, fiberglass has "memory", and will spring back to its original shape when deflected. Even major impacts inflict little damage with no failure.

Features of the grating systems include:

  • Chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Non-Metallic
  • Fire Resistant Incompliance to Flame spread rating of Class 1, 25_ in accordance with ASTM E-84
  • Light Weight Vs conventional steel grating systems
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Built in Anti Slip Surfaces
  • NON-Conductive
  • Non-Sparking can be used in gas enriched environments
Benefits of the grating systems include:
  • Corrosion resistance- The key feature of ImaGRATE grating systems are their corrosion resistance. With a variety of premium resin systems, ImaGRATE grating systems are the choice for a wide range of corrosive environments. They will not rust or corrode, providing many years of use with little or no maintenance. No scraping or painting required.
  • Slip resistance- Slip and fall accidents are the single most expensive and common type of industrial accident. When ImaGRATE with silica grit top is used, sure footing in slippery work areas is regained. Water, oils, detergents, and food by-products are no match for ImaGRATE grating, stair treads, stair covers and floor plates.
  • Fabrication and installation- ImaGRATE grating products are easily cut with standard power tools, using masonry or diamond embedded blades. Also, there's no steel cutting, banding or welding, which require specialized tools and often require facility permits. ImaGRATE grating is lightweight and easy to handle, requiring no special lifting or installation equipment.
  • Lightweight- Two men can easily and comfortably lift a 1,2 x 3,66 meter panel of ImaGRATE grating. With an average weight of around 12 to 16 Kg’s per square meter, ImaGRATE grating is easy to carry and install. It's also easy to remove for maintenance access or cleaning underneath. Simply unscrew the clips and lift out. No special lifting equipment required
ImaGRATE grating applications include:
  • Maintenance walkways Industrial access platforms
  • Disabled access ramps Marinas, jetties, pontoons
  • Oil and gas platforms Pedestrian bridges
  • Transmission tower platforms Petroleum refining access platforms
  • Water and sewage treatment plants Food processing plants

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