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Hougen HMD928 portable magnetic drill available

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Imatech’s successful Hougen HMD928 power-feed portable magnetic drill has extended its leading performance with the upgrade of its advanced magnetic base, raising the bar for performance and safety under even demanding drilling conditions.

The 20% greater holding strength of the new magnet delivers a unique level of stability and rigidity for greater safety and longer tool life. On 1” thick plate the magnetic base develops 7,473 N dead lift strength and 3,447 N drill point breakaway force. On 3/8” thick plate it delivers a respectable 5,000 N dead lift strength and 2,722 drill point breakaway force. Combined with the power-feed operation, the increase in holding strength boosts the drill’s capability to provide dimensionally accurate holes with high-quality surface finishes.

The Hougen HMD928 has an impressive hole making capacity of up to 31mm diameter through materials up to 50mm thick using the power feed option and Hougen Rotabroach Annular Cutters. In the manual feed mode maximum capacity is 38mm diameter thru 50mm thick stock. The electrical system is a heavy-duty 240 V, 50/60 Hz at 960 Watts, featuring a 7.2 Amp motor delivering a high torque 450 rpm.

All of the operational controls of the Hougen HMD928, including motor on/off and magnetic engagement, are located on the feed handle side of the unit, providing good ergonomics and ease of use. The control panel integrates Hougen's safety switch indicator light which visually alerts users in case of non-secure magnetic operation. The power feed activation lever is positioned in the center of the feed handle hub and is designed to prevent accidental engagement of the power feed system when the drill is being used in the manual feed modes.

Imatech’s Hougen HMD928 power-feed portable magnetic drill provides state-of-the-art portable hole making technology in a compact and lightweight package. Measuring just 27.5cm x 28.4cm x 43.5cm and with a modest weight of 16.7 kgs, the HMD928 is about 20% lighter than other power-feed models of similar hole making capacity.

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