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High-capacity, self-cleaning industrial filter system

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article image An 8-pod ZGF System 2000 filter.

IMATECH’S Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF) System 2000 is a fully automatic self-cleaning liquid filtration system designed for high capacities of 3,000 LPM to unlimited flowrates and filtration ratings from 10 to 400mμ.

ZGF System 2000 offers a reliable, stand-alone filtration solution with minimal maintenance requirements. It is particularly suitable to full-flow applications where superior performance is critical such as the protection of heat exchangers, analytical equipment or sensitive industrial processes.

Uninterrupted performance is guaranteed by the specialised geometry of the filter element that ensures a 100% cleaning effect, returning the filter to clean differential pressure on every backwash and eliminating the need for ad-hoc manual intervention.

Continuous flow during backwash is an integral feature of ZGF System 2000's modular design and system output can even be maintained during routine maintenance inspections when required.

The unique spiral coil filter element delivers absolute filtration at design specifications throughout its lifetime as wear is virtually non-existent.

The entire filter element is manufactured to aerospace grade stainless steel 316. The filter body, valves, switches, manifolds and frames are predominantly stainless steel as standard.

The entire system is guaranteed for one-year and the filter element comes with a notable five-year warranty.

With only one moving part per pod - a pneumatic actuator - the ZGF System 2000 typically only requires half-yearly visual inspections and yearly preventive replacement of O-rings. The system is designed to last a lifetime.

The PLC controlled ZGF System 2000 is a real solution for reliable 24/7 filtration in critical and demanding situations.

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