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Chemical-free water treatment system

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article image VRTX is available in different sizes.

VRTX is a water treatment system from Imatech that controls the water quality in cooling towers and industrial processes. VRTX is proven, field-tested and patented to disinfect, remove hardness and scale, and keep corrosion at very low levels.

The VRTX system uses a powerful combination of kinetic energy, intense hydrodynamic cavitation and mechanical shear to drive chemistry changes in the water and destroy micro-organisms. The system is suitable for controlling the water quality in many applications including cooling towers, condensers, air-scrubbers, and bottle warmers.

The system offers an innovative approach to water treatment as it relies on mechanical principles to adjust natural water chemistry parameters to remove scale, reduce the corrosiveness of the water and physically destroy micro-organisms by a combination of synergistic effects.

Preserving the water-quality, rather than "fighting" it with complex chemical additives, enables VRTX to maintain high cycles and save significant amounts of potable water. Any remaining discharged water is not contaminated and can safely be released to drain or re-used for secondary non-potable applications, such as irrigation.

Keeping equipment clean from scale and biofilm improves the efficiency of the systems resulting in energy savings, less maintenance and reduced down-time. Microbial counts are kept very low by keeping the water clean from nutrients and continually destroying any new microorganism growth.

Very low corrosion levels and improved worker and public safety complete the picture of this effective and sustainable water treatment solution for industries and commercial buildings.

The system is easy to implement and operate with existing plant installations and delivers consistent results without the need for frequent human monitoring and intervention.

VRTX chemical-free water treatment addresses all aspects of a good water treatment program in a sustainable and low maintenance package, and is available in sizes ranging from 75LPM to 3800LPM.

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