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Cleaning chemical company with more than ten years experience

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Ideal Cleaning Management has more than ten years' experience in commercial cleaning industry. The cleaning chemicals manufactured by Ideal Cleaning Management are products designed for different cleaning purposes and they are products with high quality at low cost.

Ideal cleaning chemicals include a wide range of products which can be used for different cleaning purposes. They include:

General cleaning chemicals

Laundry cleaning chemicals

Cleaning chemicals for kitchen and food industry

Automotive cleaning chemicals


Ideal Cleaning chemicals can be used in Offices, Factories, Schools, Showrooms, Medical Centres, Supermarkets, Car parks, Retail Shops, Wholesale Shops, and More.

Ideal cleaning chemicals are designed for easy to use, efficient to cleaning, environmental friendly and costs affordable.

For example, Red Devil is a very high efficient heavy duty cleaner/degreaser.

Auto Dishwash is a highly concentrated low foam detergent formulated for Automatic Dishwashing Machine to remove fat, grease, grime, tea and coffee stains from dinnerware, cutlery and pots and pans.

Chloroclean is a general purpose chlorinated detergent which may be used as a cleaner, disinfecting agent and or in the laundry.

Big Apple is an excellent dish washing liquid which will get an excellent sparking clean result.

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