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Icemaker Australia provides a range of slush machines and soft ice-cream machines

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Icemaker Australia  is a provider of various slush machines and soft ice-cream machines. Some of the slush machines provided by Icemaker Australia include SSM-280, SSM-420, SSM-560 and SSM-180. The SSM-280 slush machine supplied by Icemaker Australia is specially designed refrigerating unit which is integrated with high power compressor. SSm-280 slush machine can operate perfectly in a low-voltage and high-temperature environment.

Icemaker Australia’s SSM-180 slush machine is officially approved vending machine which is integrated with turn-key based freezing system and convenient washing mechanism.

Apart from slush machines, Icemaker Australia provides a range of soft ice-cream machines which include SSI-181T, SSI-281T, SSI-300T/P, SSI-313S/P and SSI-141T. Some of the integrated features of SSI-300T/P soft ice-cream machine include low power consumption, PCB temperature control, large cylinder capacity, mixing tank, easy cleaning process, overnight storage function and achieves unlimited and uninterrupted dispensing capability.

The SSI-281T soft ice-cream machine is integrated with refrigerating system which produces quality ice easily, self-supportive cooling system and ensures low noise and vibration. SSI-281T soft ice-cream machines can produce 15.6kg of ice per hour and some of its accessories include piston rings, grease bottle, brush and so on.

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