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A Daily helping hand for Trans-Help

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article image One of IVECO Daily vans used by the Trans-Help Foundation as a Mobile Health and Support Unit at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show

The donation of three Daily vans by IVECO Trucks Australia Limited over the past three years has boosted the Trans-Help Foundation’s important and strategic work towards making Australian roads a safer and healthier environment for truck drivers.
IVECO Trucks Australia donated a fourth van at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show.
A national organisation that assists and supports transport employees and their families who are in crisis, or suffering from hardship, health issues or trauma, the Trans-Help Foundation is a charity organisation that is closely aligned with IVECO’s core business, according to Stavros Yallouridis, Director of Sales and Marketing for IVECO Trucks Australia. Given the impact of the charity on the industry and the company’s customers, IVECO is proud to be involved in the great work of the foundation.
One of the most important initiatives of Trans-Help is its Mobile Health and Support Unit (MHSU), a re-locatable health consulting suite that is moved around the country visiting truck stops and transport changeover bays to offer health checks to drivers and advice on where to get appropriate specialist care.
The MHSUs provide a variety of checks including blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen saturation level. Other tests offer quantitative results for glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate. Additional services include sleep apnoea monitoring and weight and height measurements for BMI.
Dianne Carroll, Chief Executive Officer of Trans-Help Foundation Ltd says that IVECO’s donation of the Daily vans has been imperative to their operations across a large part of the country. She adds that by making the services available in the MHSUs freely accessible to transport drivers and families, the foundation will be able to help identify and address many of the health concerns, and contribute to reducing illness, fatalities and injuries on Australian roads.
The Trans-Help Foundation has one unit in South Australia that covers the state and parts of Victoria. Two units cover New South Wales and parts of Victoria and Queensland. The fourth unit will be based in Queensland.
As the services and support network offered by the Trans-Help Foundation spread, the nation’s thoroughfares will become a safer place not just for truck drivers, but for everyone who shares the roads with them.

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