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Repair process equipment in 90 minutes

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article image Designed to repair process equipment quickly.

DEVCON Wear Guard abrasion-resistant systems from ITW Polymers & Fluids protect machinery and equipment from abrasion damage, reducing maintenance and extending equipment life.

Filled with abrasion-resistant silicon carbide or alumina ceramic beads, these products are ideal for lining exhausters, pulverisers, ash handling systems, cyclones, pipe elbows, fans and housings, screens, chutes, hoppers, screw conveyors, slurry pumps, and pneumatic conveying equipment.

Wear Guard High Load and Fine Load formulations provide resistance to a wide array of acids, bases, saturated salt solutions, oils, and other chemicals and withstand operating temperatures up to 150ºC.

High Load is designed to handle particulate greater than 3mm and is ideal for repairing scrubbers, ash handling systems, pipe elbows, screens and chutes.

Fine Load is a high-density epoxy system for particulate smaller than 3mm and is particularly effective in dust particulate applications such as slurry pumps, scrubbers, screens and screw conveyers.

Both of these systems trowel easily onto nearly any surface, curing to a smooth, grey finish. High Load's non-sagging formulation will not run or drip when used on vertical or overhead applications.

When rapid curing is needed, Devcon Combo Wear FC is a new, high-tech, three-component compound that features two different bead sizes plus silicon carbide.

Designed to repair process equipment quickly and return it to service in as little as 90 minutes, it provides excellent adhesion to metal, ceramic and concrete.

It bonds to damp surfaces as well, making it ideal for use with cracked fuel and coal lines.

Wear Guard High Load is available in a 10kg container and Wear Guard Fine Load is available in a 4kg and a 10kg container. Combo Wear FC is available in a 4kg container.

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