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New high temperature lubricant

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To meet increased demand ITW Polymers & Fluids has released a new high temperature lubricant for oven chains - Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube.

Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube has been specially formulated to lubricate chains exposed to temperatures as high as 280°C, leading to longer life, less evaporation and lower risk of fire.

As there is a constant push for higher productivity it is essential that down time is as short as possible. With conventional graphite/water mix chain lubricants precious, production time is lost as the lubricant cannot be applied to the chain unless it is below 100°C.

As Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube can be applied at elevated temperatures there is no need shut down the ovens prior to application.

Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube is a clean lubricant making it great for use in the clean and food industries.

Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube, is non-carbonising, non-contaminating and leaves no residue or gum on the chains. The risk of graphite residue contaminating baked products is eliminated.

With a high quality lubricant such as Rocol High Temp Synthetic Chain Lube friction in the chain is reduced.

Less effort is required to drive the chain, thereby increasing motor life. The reduction in friction also means chain wear is reduced.

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