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Spray gun range lifts benchmark

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ITW Finishing Technologies has announced the introduction of the new Compact range of industrial spray guns from DeVilbiss.

Following extensive industry consultation in fourteen countries, the new Compact is the gun spray operators helped design.

Sprayers demanded a smaller, lightweight, easy to handle gun to reduce operator fatigue, coupled with high performance atomisation to optimise material transfer and spray all of today's materials, including low, medium and high solids, and 2K solvent or waterborne types.

The new guns are available with two types of atomisation technologies.

"Blue" Compact utilises the very latest advances in Compliant TransferTechnology. This provides considerable paint savings whilst producing the highest quality of spray finish with high-speed application and flow rates of up to 600cc/min or more.

Compact produces exceptionally efficient material transfer efficiency which ensures optimum coverage and paint usage while complying with the toughest EPA legislation.

"Silver" Compact's unique high capacity airflow and atomisation characteristics are coupled with 'feel right' user comfort.

Compact's Advanced Conventional Air Caps make them suitable guns for use on suction cups or pressure fed systems in small production operations or high volume spraying with the added bonus of instantly improved finishing productivity.

The new Compact spray guns are competitively priced and have lower air consumption and operating pressures than similar guns to reduce operating costs.

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