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Gema warns users about unsafe copy parts

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ITW Gema has issued a warning to all users of Gema equipment about the inherent dangers of using parts not designed, tested and approved for Gema powder coating equipment.

Gema has found that some parts manufactured outside Gema’s stringent testing and quality system are being passed off in the market as Gema parts or as somehow equivalent to Gema parts. Gema warns users that its own tests of some of these parts have shown them to be inferior in terms of performance and in one case outright dangerous, as the part was manufactured from a plastic compound unsuitable for use with a high voltage electrical charge as required by Gema equipment.      

Gema spend thousands of dollars on Research and Development as well as extensive testing of any and all parts, as well as possible combinations of parts. All Gema equipment is tested and approved to worldwide standards such as the CE mark, Factory Mutual (FM) and ISO, and anyone installing what they believe to be equivalent parts into a Gema unit negates those approvals, as well as the coating quality and performance guarantees users have come to expect from our products. Worse are the potential personal safety risks to operators, when using a Gema unit that is fitted with untested, non-genuine parts.
ITW Finishing reminds Gema owners that as soon as copy parts are used in any Gema equipment, any applicable warranties or performance guarantees are null and void. If any person believes that they have a non-genuine part installed in their Gema powder coating equipment, especially in the gun itself or as part of the high voltage and associated powder delivery, they are strongly advised to immediately cease use of that equipment, return the parts to the supplier and seek advice from their qualified Gema service agent or ITW Gema directly.

Gema invite anyone presently buying or suspecting that they have purchased non-genuine Gema parts, knowingly or otherwise, to contact Gema directly or the qualified Gema distributor in their state, to discuss options and compare the prices of genuine, approved and tested parts.

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