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Hybrid relay for home installations

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ITC Products has released Crouzet’s silent and durable static relay.

Crouzet's new "hybrid" relays (mechanical and static), currently use in industrial settings, can be mounted on a DIN rail and in 17.5mm., offering a switching capacity of up to 20A, while maintaining the long life-span of static relays.

This technology is now small enough to use in the home wiring market.

To reduce the static relay's bulk, it was necessary to eliminate their integrated heat-sinks. Crouzet has achieved this utilising a microprocessor to activate switching.

After the circuit is closed, the static relay is short-circuited by a mechanical relay and when the circuit is opened the opposite occurs, thus accumulating little heat to be dissipated. By the same means, long life is preserved.

Crouzet has patented the micro-controller that commands the mechanical-static, static-mechanical switch cycles.

The range includes two contactors, a teleruptor and a day-night contactor.

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