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EMC compliant solid state relays

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article image Crouzet solid state relay.

CROUZET, represented by ITC Products , has announced a new generation of solid state relays that are EMC compliant ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.

The new range is surface mounted, optically coupled with a choice of covered or uncovered terminals.

The relays feature direct copper-bonded technology, which lowers thermal resistance, this in turn dramatically reduces the size of the heat sink required.

With less power to dissipate it ensures an extended life of up to 10 times previous generations.

These relays have a sealed construction, with N/O thyristor output circuits, with no moving parts the switching is silent and not affected by vibration.

Zero volt switching can be used for switching single-phase resistive loads or motors where the power factor is greater than 0.8. For inductive loads with a power factor less than 0.8 the random switching versions are offered.

The GN Series is available in 10 to 125A ratings, with a choice of 280V or 660V ac duty. Input voltages accepted include 4 - 32V dc regulated at 14mA maximum to suit PLC outputs or 5V logic signals and are isolated at 4000V from the output circuit.

Temperature rating is -20ºC to +80ºC. Higher voltage ac & dc input voltages are also available.

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