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Crouzet range of linear motors

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CROUZET has launched its first range of linear motors. Available through ITC Products , there are two types based on technologies of which Crouzet has a long and in-depth knowledge: reversible synchronous motors, and stepper motors.

The range comprises two synchronous models for "discrete" operation (250 and 500rpm), and two stepper models for proportional operation (24 and 48 steps per revolution).

These standard products can be easily customised. Through ITC Products, Crouzet can adapt their shape, design control electronics or even add technical components to respond to customer requirements (ingress seal, control, safety, etc).

The principle of linear motors consists of transforming the rotary movement of conventional motors into a rectilinear movement by uncoupling the shaft and the rotor.

They are therefore suitable for use in any application where it is necessary to push or pull a component with a highly controlled movement.

Linear motors are used especially in heating and air-conditioning systems and, because they generate fine and precise movements, in medical dosing and safety applications.

General technical characteristics:

* Axis displacement: 0.8 mm per rotor revolution.

* Travel: 10mm.

* Thrust force: 30 to 40N.

* 500,000 possible cycles.

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