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NOW available through ITC Products , the new series of CTD 24 controllers/indicators from Crouzet offers the user concentrated technology and power in the minimum space.

In addition to the compact size, the CTD 24 range is characterised by the functions integrated in the product, enabling it to be used in both simple digital indicator applications and complex control applications.

Furthermore, the range is certified CE for use in both industrial and commercial environments.

The CTD 24 will accept thermocouples, platinum probes or linear signals as inputs; there are six product versions: both 100 to 240V ac supply and 24V ac/dc, choice of relay + relay, logic + relay or logic + logic outputs.

CTD 24s can be used as digital indicators with or without alarms (up to two fully configurable alarms), or as controllers. The output parameters can be set for heat or cool control with or without alarm, or for both heat and cool control.

With 0.2% precision, the CTD24 range includes a 4-digit display with that can include the decimal point and an automatic optimisation of control parameters.

It provides permanent monitoring of the control loop and a progressive pre-heating function for the process, preventing thermal shocks and increasing the life of the heating elements.

There is the option of stopping the controller directly from the front panel, and an alarm masking function prevents spurious alarms when starting the process or modifying the setpoint.

There are two setpoints with two independent ramps for switching from one to the other, it is built to IP65 and features the NEMA 4X front panel protection.

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