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Brushless motor with integrated controller

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article image Easy-to-use interface.

CROUZET, represented by ITC Products, has released Motomate, a dedicated industrially optimised solution for programmable motion control.

As an easy-to-use system, Motomate is attracting interest from various quarters, including electro-mechanics and automation specialists.

For electro-mechanics, the user-friendly Motomate interface supports intuitive programming, using graphic blocks.

Everything has been geared towards simplifying programming: logic functions, SFC, counters, clocks, high-speed counter, etc., and the functions dedicated to controlling movements and motors are pre-programmed and ready to use.

For automation specialists, Motomate's integrated PLC is a powerful tool, in addition to the selection of pre-programmed function blocks, users can develop their own specific functions using the PLCs integrated ones.

The open architecture supports communication via fieldbus or modem, ideal for remote maintenance. The high levels of flexibility provided by the PLC make it very easy to develop or even modify programs using a simple PC. Sensors or actuators can also be added to the inputs/outputs.

An example of four specific pre-programmed functions in the function library include:

* Timing: To effect a delay between two movements.

* Movement: To reach a target position using speed ramps.

* Motor multiplexer: Used to group On/Off, direction and speed outputs for several movement steps.

* High-speed counting: To count the motor pulses, indicate the position and calculate the speed.

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