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CROUZET's range of Millenium II logic controllers has now been enhanced with a 12V dc version now available through ITC Products .

This addition to the range enables new applications to benefit from the function block-based programming offered by the Millenium II.

Primary markets for the product are naturally those that use 12 volts, examples include on-board installations on trade vehicles such as vans, farm machinery, boats or public work vehicles.

This new version of Millenium II will also make it possible to monitor installations with 12V battery backup, designed to ensure reliability of service in the event of a power failure, this is useful for building management control and security installations using 12V dc as the control voltage.

The 12V version of Millenium II benefits from all the existing function blocks for the Millenium range.

Crouzet has also expanded its possible applications with the addition of new function blocks. The logic controller can now incorporate a PID temperature controller.

Another addition is a high-speed counter module. Now the Millenium II can monitor electronic sensors at high frequencies, up to 1kHz as against 25Hz before. There is also a tachometer function block, suitable for controlling speeds in a mixing machine, for example.

The user can also take advantage of a pre-programmed data storage function. This can be used to track eight different values for a single variable: an extremely valuable option, especially for quality monitoring of a production tool. The average values of this data can be displayed continuously.

The logic controller also now offers the option of on-screen programming of on/off cycles. This timer function is accurate to the second.

The existing cam timer function block now has an optional cycle memory, which ensures that the system continues to work correctly, even in the event of a power failure.

With Millenium II's application-specific functions, simply enter the application parameters in order to get control systems up and running eliminating an operation that would normally require hours of programming.

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