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ISS ProRack offers storage solutions through racks

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ISS ProRack offers storage solutions through racks. Racking has become a commodity and it takes commitment to customers to make the difference.
ISS ProRack supplies CAD drawings with every quote, so that the customer can see exactly what ISS ProRack is proposing.
While racking may be a commodity, the procurement process, involving people, who care about their jobs, their business, unveils a strong need for management support and ability to provide sound business solutions.
The following case study demonstrates business gains from the service revolution approach.
Smart Storage. Smart Savings.
Client:  Australian Bathroom Concepts – Noel Woods, Operations Manager
Challenge: Better utilization of available space is always high on every company’s agenda. Storing glass safely is particularly difficult due to issues with handling the crates, safe working loads and various OH&S regulations. Australian Bathroom Concepts had all crates, which were stored on the ground and this horizontal storage meant wasting much valuable floor space with subsequent inefficiencies in handling. Eventually, the situation became so difficult that Australian Bathroom Concepts even considered moving to new premises.
Solution: Australian Bathroom Concepts first approached its existing supplier. Unfortunately, prices quoted were considerably higher then anticipated. Then, through word-of-mouth, Australian Bathroom Concepts heard about ISS ProRack. ISS ProRack visited the premises of Australian Bathroom Concepts and discussed the requirements. ISS ProRack provided custom engineering design with additional cross support beams for crates, all with full SWL ratings to suit this particular application and at considerably lower costs then anyone else.
Outcomes: ISS ProRack gave Australian Bathroom Concepts three clear business gains: dramatic savings in both, space and handling, long-term improved efficiency and OH&S peace of mind. Australian Bathroom Concepts immediately saved over $25K, more than half of the cost of other suppliers. The storage capacity for glass of Australian Bathroom Concepts increased by 60%, and still has 40% additional floor space remaining.

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