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I.S. Tecnik releases Blum LaserControl range of laser tool measurement systems in Australia

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Specialist distributor of production metrology equipment, I.S. Tecnik , has released an advanced LaserControl range of laser tool measurement systems from Blum Novotest directly to Australian machine-shops.

Blum introduced laser tool measurement technology in Europe in the mid 1980’s and has since developed an installed base of over 30,000 systems worldwide, including more than one hundred systems in Australia. The Blum system delivers real benefits to the precision machinist in accuracy, security, efficiency and cost savings.

With the capability of today’s machine tools reaching new heights in speed, accuracy and rigidity, the setting of tools off-line presents a level of dimensional variation and a risk of error that is a significant weak link in the control of production quality.

Laser tool measurement on the machine facilitates far greater precision and dependability from the CNC machine as a production system. Blum’s technology provides a highly accurate means of controlling the real tool cutting dimensions, down to 0.001mm, with minimal additional cycle time.

Blum LaserControl undertakes the dual primary tasks of tool breakage control and tool length and diameter measurement, as well as providing dynamic run-out control and machine thermal compensation.

Even small tools and delicate tip materials are able to be checked quickly, securely and without risk of collision.

Each individual cutting edge on any tool is able to be checked at full RPM, due to the system’s high speed integrated electronics. Breakages are detected immediately, avoiding consequential damage of the tool, work-piece and the machine.

Tool length, radius and run-out are able to be checked precisely and rapidly. With the spindle operating at nominal cutting speed, the dynamic errors in the spindle and clamping mechanism are also detected and the actual tool cutting size is measured. Especially under high speed cutting conditions, the significant difference between gauge line position under static and dynamic conditions is automatically compensated.

With its intensely focused beam and high speed integrated electronics, Blum LaserControl is also able to scan the full edge length of form-tools within seconds, with good precision and with the ability to detect small edge imperfections.

Apart from tool size control, the accuracy of modern machine tools is significantly affected by heat from motors, high speed axes, machining forces and direct sunlight. Positional errors caused by thermal variations may readily exceed the desired part tolerances. The Blum LaserControl is able to thermally compensate the machine axes quickly and precisely, providing an important tool to improve overall machining accuracy.

With more than 20 years experience in real production environments, Blum’s laser tool measurement systems have been continuously developed and improved to provide high levels of reliability under tough metal cutting conditions. Today’s systems incorporate a proven lens protection system that is robust, coolant proof, swarf proof and self cleaning even under heavy chip loads.

The Blum LaserControl system delivers a high precision in laser tool measurement. Implementation of this technology will deliver reduced scrap and higher manufacturing quality through the programming of actual tool dimensions and the early detection and compensation of tool wear as well as automatic correction of machine axis drift.

Operational benefits include minimal machine operator attendance, reduced tooling costs through improved tool change management, minimum tool setting time and enhanced machine security.

With the high cost of today’s cutting tools and the risks associated with work-piece non-conformance, Blum laser tool measurement is able to quickly deliver significant net cost savings to any precision machining operation in today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment.

I.S. Tecnik provides a full installation and technical support service for Blum products in Australia, and stock an extensive range of spare parts for rapid delivery.

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