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Hamar S-650 wireless laser shaft alignment system from I.S.Tecnik

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Hamar S-650 wireless laser shaft alignment system combines highly advanced alignment features with an incredible ease of use. It is available in Australia from I.S.Tecnik .

Following 15 years of high levels of customer satisfaction with its high precision S-640 laser shaft alignment system, the Hamar S-650 was designed to provide accurate and easy to use laser shaft alignment system, meeting the exact needs of shaft alignment personnel in a compact, robust and fully featured system.

In addition to the system’s micron precision twin-beam laser operating principle that simultaneously measures both shaft position and angle, three new technologies delivery the S-650’s major advantages over competing systems.

The target’s inbuilt radio transceiver and integrated long-life rechargeable batteries mean that the system is completely wireless and good for a full day’s work without any messy or potentially dangerous loose leads and cables.

An inbuilt dynamic rotation sensor provides the laser target with a 5th axis that supersedes traditional “clock position” alignment techniques.

Coupled alignment is now as simple as a single sweep of the shafts through any angle (>60°) to obtain full alignment data, without pressing any buttons or manually entering any position information. Uncoupled shaft alignments are also extremely straight-forward with data being captured automatically as the target is simply swept past the laser position.

The advanced Couple4 Windows based software has been carefully optimised to capture the complete shaft alignment process in a simple 5-step checklist that is clear and self-explanatory. This makes the system easy for occasional users without special instructions.

The software allows the laser alignment system to be controlled from any notebook or tablet PC, using a small USB radio receiver.

This provides the peace of mind of having backup control hardware available without delay or high costs, and being able to directly record, print or email detailed customised reports.

The computer screen size is used to its maximum advantage to display large and clear shimming and displacement readout values and alignment graphics that provide live feedback to the operator as equipment is moved to its correct position.

Overall, the Hamar S-650 is an advanced, feature packed laser shaft alignment system that is at the same time easy and fast to use.

The laser shaft alignment system is a tool that will provide major cost savings through reduced alignment times and enhanced alignment accuracy which is proven to cut maintenance costs by substantially extending machinery life.

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