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Actiris350 portable CMM released by I.S. Tecnik

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Actiris350 portable CMM from ActiCM has been released to the Australian market by specialist Australian distributor, I.S. Tecnik . With good freedom of movement of the wireless and mechanical connection-free handheld probe, this highly functional portable CMM is the result of extensive European research combining photogrammetry and digital image recognition technologies to deliver distinct customer advantages in a robust and proven product.

With a total weight of 17kg, the highly portable Actiris350 system is simply mounted on a light-weight tripod at the desired factory location, and can be made fully operational in less than 30 minutes.

The cordless probe accepts a wide range of standard stylus diameters and lengths with a precision quick-change adaptor that eliminates stylus recalibration, and may be easily manipulated for measuring deep holes and fine details.

A unique dynamic referential feature allows a work-piece to be tracked in real time to automatically adjust for any movement or repositioning of the part or the portable CMM system during measurement. This allows hidden or reverse faces of components to be easily measured by repositioning the part without any realignment, delivering dramatic overall reductions in measurement time and eliminating alignment errors in the measurement of opposed features.

Good measurement precision is achieved through the Actiris350’s sophisticated spatial algorithms, its highly stable carbon-fibre construction and continuous calibration monitoring, making it suitable for efficiently measuring small more precise parts as well as large components and assemblies up to 6m in diameter.

A surface scanning mode allows multiple points to be taken by the portable CMM stylus at up to 17 points per second using either free-form surface measurements or using guided section-planes.

Actiris350 is available bundled as standard with powerful and user-friendly Delcam PowerINSPECT software or with other leading 3D Metrology Software systems including both Verisurf and Metrolog.

Component inspection may be done either directly from a master CAD model or using simple geometrical and surface inspection functions. This provides versatility for a wide range of applications including in-line product verification, engineering development and analysis and reverse engineering tasks. Highly visual inspection reports are generated automatically in real time during the measurement process, clearly showing actual deviation from the CAD model at every measurement point.

With no moving parts the system is essentially wear free and no regular mechanical maintenance is required. Calibration of the full measurement volume is done easily within 10 minutes by the operator using the included certified master calibration bar.

The Actiris350 portable CMM system has been well proven to deliver advantages in measurement applications across a broad range of industries including aerospace composites manufacturing, automotive tooling, stamped metal production, plastic mouldings, development engineering and test laboratories, marine industries, foundries, large fabrication work and heavy engineering.The fully trained staff at I.S. Tecnik is available to demonstrate the Actiris350 system and provide detailed operator training and operational support for all Australian customers. A mobile measurement service is also available nationwide using the portable CMM system.

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