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Laser tools make DIY projects a breeze

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article image Irwin Industrial Tools are perfect for home decorating projects.

STRAIT-LINE offers a range of laser tools guaranteed to make DIY projects fast, easy and professional. Eight products are available including stud finders, measurers and laser levels. Irwin Industrial Tools produces Strait-Line products, which are available from leading hardware stores.

Strait-Line stud finders quickly and accurately detect studs through a number of surfaces. The Stud Finder 150 can locate studs through plasterboard, paneling and flooring and audible signals alert the user to stud locations.

The Wall Scanner can locate metal studs and detect live wires (an essential tool for the safety-conscious user) and has an easy-to-read LCD display.

Both tools have an in-built stud marking feature (no pencil needed) and an auto on/off function.

The Laser Level 30 and Laser Level 120 are leveling tools to make home decorating jobs, such as hanging shelves, pictures and soft furnishings, perfectly easy.

The Laser Level 30 projects a 4.5m working line and can swivel 360° on its base.

The Laser Level 120 projects an 18m line, providing a much larger work area and has a built-in protractor enabling objects to be leveled at precise angles.

The top-of-the-range Laser Level Intersect is ideal for more serious home improvement projects such as tiling. Projecting a 4.5m vertical line and two 3m lines left and right, the Intersect is the only tool on the market to provide a project start point. The Intersect also features an auto-level function.

Strait-Line laser levels use 3M Command Adhesive Strips that secure the tool to a surface, allowing users to work hands-free. Adhesive strips can be easily removed without marking or damaging the surface.

Painting a room or hanging evenly spaced objects can be achieved right the first time with Strait-Line’s measuring devices. The Sonic Laser Tape 50 estimates length, area and volume.

By simply pointing the tool at a surface such as the floor or opposing wall, the Sonic Laser Tape can take a measurement of up 15m. It features an easy-to-read LCD display and a built-in five-stack memory.

Strait-Line’s Rolling Tape takes the guesswork out of measuring. The Rolling Tape can take a measurement of up to 91m and breaks the measurement into up to 10 equal points – it’s the ideal tool for hanging evenly spaced pictures along a hall or even lights along a ceiling.

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