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article image The STRAIT-LINE range of laser tools

IRWIN Industrial Tools have released the STRAIT-LINE range of Laser Tools, the Laser Level, Laser Tape and Stud Finder.

The new Laser Level is an easy way to make a straight line - level or plumb, at any angle. The light weight, hand held tool generates a 6m Laser Level across flat or uneven surfaces such as walls or floors. If the Laser Level encounters an obstacle such as molding or framing, the line continues past the obstruction.

The Laser Level has been designed to fit onto the STRAIT-LINE Stud Finder. Working with the Laser Level simply locate the stud and follow line to mount the picture, shelf or mirror. The Stud Finder can locate wood or metal studs that are up to 38mm deep in any wall. The built in marking mechanism makes it simple to place a dot where the stud is located.

The STRAIT-LINE Laser Tape makes it easy to measure distance from 60cm to 15m, it will calculate distance, area and volume in just seconds.

The non marking swivel base accessory uses 3M Command adhesive strips, ideal for freshly painted walls that metal anchors would mark. This swivel base also allows for multiple angles to be taken with the Laser level, increasing the six metre line out to twelve by simply rotating the base 180°.

The Laser Tool range has a wide range of users from the DIY enthusiasts to professionals like real estate agents, painters, carpenters, tilers, electricians and architects.

The STRAIT-LINE Laser Tool range is available from March 2004.

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