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IRWIN launches fast wood drill bit

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article image Speedbor Max Wood Drill Bit

 IRWIN Industrial Tools , a global manufacturer and distributor of professional hand tools and power tool accessories, has unveiled its fast and precise spade bit Speedbor MAX Wood Drilling Bit. The Speedbor MAX Wood Drilling Bit is ideal for spade bit users who need a bit that drills faster and provide cleaner edges.

The design of IRWIN’s Speedbor MAX Wood Drilling Bit is up to 14 times faster than competing drill bits on the market. In a test of 25mm diameter bits, the Speedbor MAX cut through 35mm soft wood in 1.78 seconds, as apposed to 26.15 seconds from one of their competitors.

As a leading producer of wood boring bits and accessories, IRWIN Industrial Tools has provided carpenters, plumbers, electricians, construction workers and DIYers with good performance through its Speedbor line.

IRWIN Industrial Tools recently introduced a tri-flute wood-drilling bit with cutting spurs, which cuts cleaner holes and is 6 times faster than the current Speedbor spade bits.

Speedbor MAX bits feature a full length heat treat for greater durability, as well as a tapered flute for less binding and ease of use. An improved screw tip design requires no force for the bit to pull through stock, ultimately creating less fatigue on the user.

Speedbor MAX bits are available through all leading hardware and tool specialists.

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