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SNMP Agent Frame Controller Type CDM-4001 used in IRT Electronics’ FRU-4001 3RU frame

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article image The SNMP Agent Frame Controller Type CDM-4001

The CDM-4001 is a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Agent that can be used in IRT Electronics ’ FRU-4001 3RU frame. It occupies its own designated slot within the frame, next to the power supply, so it does not affect the number of modules that can be used within the frame.

The CDM-4001 can communicate with all modules in a Frame that are fitted with an SMU-4000 SNMP Interface sub board, or have inbuilt SNMP facilities. The information obtained is forwarded via an Ethernet connection to any SNMP Network Management System (NMS) whose address is configured in the CDM-4001.

The CDM-4001 holds parameters such as Frame Name, Address and Location. This information may be set via an RS232 Configuration port. The NMS third party software (not supplied by IRT) polls the CDM-4001 to remotely monitor and control the frame and its SNMP capable modules.

In the event of a major alarm from any of the modules or power supply, an alarm condition known as a Trap, is automatically sent without any prompting from the NMS. Front panel LEDs indicate the presence of an Ethernet link, link activity and the Frame urgent and non-urgent alarm states. Ethernet connection is via an RJ45 connector and the RS232 is via a D9 female connector on the rear of the frame. Modules that are being monitored and controlled share a common data bus on the frame.

SNMP monitoring and control find particular use in remote or unmanned locations such as transmitter sites or where control via computer is desired. As the CDM-4001 can be assigned its own IP Address, multiple sites can be monitored and controlled via the one NMS. Alternatively, multiple NMS’ in different locations can be used to monitor and control the same site.

The features of the SNMP Agent Frame Controller Type CDM-4001 include:

  • SNMP remote monitoring and control via Ethernet connection
  • Automatic “Trap” transmission on major alarms
  • Front panel LED indicators
  • Own designated slot in the FRU-4001 3RU frame

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