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Optical fibre switcher, type OFS-4020, from IRT Electronics

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article image Type OFS-4020 optical fibre switcher

Now available from IRT Electronics , the OFS-4020 optical fibre switcher allows five optical input signals to be switched to a single output.

OFS-4020 cards can be cascaded for expanded operation and can be added sequentially with no user configurations needed. Rather than having a receiver for each optical path and monitoring or switching the resultant electrical outputs, the OFS-4020 optical fibre switcher allows a single common optical receiver to monitor multiple optical signals.

As an example, when used at the signal transmit end in conjunction with optical splitters, the OFS-4020 optical fibre switcher ensures that each optical transmitter card is not only transmitting correctly, but is also being fed with the correct signal source.

Likewise, using the OFS-4020 optical fibre switcher at the receive side allows monitoring of multiple signals coming out of the fibres before being fed into the receive end system.

Local control is provided by front panel pushbutton switches that select and illuminate to indicate the switcher position status.

Remote switching is also possible via an RS-232 interface1. Control codes can be sent by a terminal emulation program to change the switch position.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring and control is possible when operated in a frame fitted with SNMP capability. 

Key features of these OFS-4020 optical fibre switchers from IRT Electronics include:

  • 5 x 1 optical switcher
  • may be cascaded for expanded operation
  • wideband operation 1260nm to 1620nm
  • front panel local control
  • remote control via RS‐232 interface
  • SNMP monitoring and control.

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