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New SDI digital and analogue audio inserter from IRT Electronics

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article image DAI-3206 SDI digital and analogue audio inserter

DAI-3206 is a high performance audio embedder for 270 Mbit SDI video signals.

Existing embedded data packets may be optionally removed and/or replaced via link settings on the PCB.

Each DAI-3206 is capable of inserting one audio group (2 AES signals, 4 analogue channels or combination of AES and analogue pair channels) into an existing SDI video stream.

Group position selection is made by the front panel local control. Note that when inserting 2 AES streams, both channels must be frequency locked to each other. Analogue audio is automatically locked to the other AES signal, if present, or else to the SDI video input.

The DAI-3206 supports AES/EBU synchronous/ asynchronous 48 kHz, 20-bit audio data packets.

An audio presence indicator is provided for each input. If one AES or analogue audio pair is missing then those particular channels are set to zero. If both AES and/or analogue audio pairs are missing (dependent on mode selected), then no packets are inserted.

The DAI-3206 complements the DAX-3206 audio extractor.

The DAI-3206 is fabricated in IRT Electronics ’ standard Eurocard format and may be housed in a variety of IRT Eurocard frames alongside other standard modules.


  • Standard 75 W 270 Mbit/s SDI input
  • Inserts audio – either 2 AES signals containing 2 channels each, 4 analogue channels or a combination of AES and analogue pairs
  • 110 W (standard) or 75 ? AES inputs
  • Selectable re-sampled or non re-sampled modes
  • Supports SMPTE 272M-A synchronous 48 kHz insertion (resampled mode)
  • Supports SMPTE 272M-AD asynchronous 48 kHz insertion (non resampled mode)
  • 20 bit audio supported
  • Z, C, U data preserved
  • Automatic EDH correction and/or insertion
  • Ability to replace existing embedded audio
  • Supports 525 and 625 line formats
  • Indicators / external alarms for loss of carrier and audio
  • Automatic SDI input cable equaliser to 250 m
  • Two 270 Mb/s SDI outputs for connection to additional units.

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