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Digital reclocking distribution amplifier from IRT Electronics

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article image The HDA-4521 HD/SD dual serial digital reclocking video distribution amplifier

IRT Electronics  have introduced the type HDA-4521 Dual 1In, 3 Out HD/SD digital reclocking distribution amplifier.

Features of the HDA-4521 HD/SD dual serial digital reclocking video distribution amplifier include:

  • Three non inverting outputs on each amplifier
  • Link selectable for 1 in, 6 out single distribution amplifier operation
  • Automatic reclocking of High Definition or Standard Definition digital signals
  • Input equalisation > 100m for HD, > 250m for SD
  • Automatic output muting on no input
  • Front panel monitoring outputs, signal presence LEDs and external alarm contacts
  • Optional plug-in SNMP monitoring module
General features of the HDA-4521 HD/SD dual serial digital reclocking video distribution amplifier:

It provides the user with a single standard module to cover a wide range of distribution and monitoring functions for High Definition (HD) and/or Standard Definition (SD) digital signals. Two triple output reclocking distribution amplifiers are also provided on the one card.

In addition to accepting HD or SD signals, the HDA-4521 digital reclocking video distribution amplifier can also accept ASI signals. To provide for the polarity sensitive nature of ASI signals, all outputs of the HDA-4521 are in phase with the inputs.

Serial digital signals suffer deterioration over relatively short cable distances. This is especially so with the HD high data rate. The HDA-4521 provides a means of extending the working distances that can be achieved by equalising and reclocking the data mid route.

The HDA-4521 automatically reclocks either 1.485 Gb/s HD signals or lower rate 270Mb/s SD signals. Both sides of the HDA-4521 can be run independently allowing a mixture of signal types to be used.

On board link settings allow either of the inputs to feed all outputs to create a one in, six out distribution amplifier.

Front panel LEDs indicate when an input signal is present and whether the output is an HD or SD type. Separate alarm outputs switch to ground for indication of loss of input signal or loss of power.

An optional SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) plug in module is available for remote monitoring and control when used in conjunction with IRT Electronics’ 4000 series frame fitted with SNMP capability. Extra features are available through the SNMP such as automatic switching on loss of one input to the other input.

The HDA-4521 is designed to fit IRT Electronics’ 4000 series 3RU frame for use with the SNMP system. It is also suitable with the IRT Electronics’ 1000 series 1RU Eurocard frames and can be used along with other IRT Electronics Eurocards.

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