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Cost effective modular SDH Mux, Demux, from IRT Electronics Pty Ltd

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The IRT product range from IRT Electronics allows users to combine a number of Eurocard modules in a one 3 Rack Unit Frame the FRU-4001 to create a cost effective modular SDH Mux, Demux.

The following are some of the technical specifications of the new SDH Mux:

  • 8 ASI inputs along with 2 GE Ethernet inputs and one STM1 electrical or OC3 optical output.
  • 4 separate modules, 2 ASI combiners the MMM-4711, 2 Ethernet to ASI converters MEM-4551 all feeding into a 4 ASI to STM1 converter MMM-4682. This combination allows the flexibility of adding services and changing configuration as required from 8 ASI and 2 Ethernet to STM1 to another option of 10 ASI to STM1.
  • The Mux and individual modules can all be controlled via SNMP using IRT’s simple SNMP application or any other Simple Network Management Protocol via an RG45 connection at the back of the frame.
  • The SDH Mux has dual redundant power supply and is capable of being upgraded from STM1 to STM4 (OC12) by adding additional modules as required.
  • 8 ASI 75Ω, 800 mVp-p, BNC connector inputs
  • 2 Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3 Data Rate 10/100 Mb/s Connector RJ-45 inputs
  • STM1 (155.52 Mb/s) , OC3 output
  • Automatic Input equalization up to 250m
  • Suitable for Single Frequency Network (SFN) use
  • Maintains original ASI rate, packet size & coding
  • SNMP capability

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