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CDC-3062 Priority Switch Controller from IRT Electronics

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CDC-3062 Priority Switch Controller is a video presence detector which also provides logic and switching control circuitry for interfacing to IRT 700 and 3000 series video and audio switchers.

The main use for the Priority Switch Controller from IRT Electronics is to provide control of transmission link paths and to provide alarm and status information to centralised monitoring facilities.

The video signals of the main, reserve and standby paths are monitored, with an indication provided to show the loss of the input signal.

Any of the main, reserve or standby paths can be selected as the priority path and, provided a signal is present, this selection will be the On Air source.

If the priority selected path should fail CDC-3062 Priority Switch Controller will provide control signals to select another input.

Where a failure occurs on main, reserve and standby inputs then the system will select the local input.

Once any input signal is restored the system will switch back from the local signal to an input signal, with the priority selected input having precedence when more than one input signal is available.


  • Automatic operation
  • Selection of main / reserve / standby priority
  • Local / remote control of all functions
  • Remote and local status information
  • Audio fail override facility using IRT AG-738 audio detector
  • May be used for audio only applications

The front panel indicators and controls provided are:

  • Fail LED's on the main, reserve and standby paths
  • Indication of the priority source selected
  • Indication of the On Air source
  • Auto/manual enable indication
  • Push buttons for priority selection of sources in auto mode and direct selection of manual mode

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