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AMS-4370 changeover relay from IRT Electronics

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The AMS-4370 changeover relay from IRT Electronics is a magnetic latching 4-port changeover switcher using enhanced performance relays, which provide switching capabilities for high speed data signals up to 1.485 Gb/s.

The changeover switcher is suitable for switching high definition video HDSDI, ASI, SDI, G.703 data streams, or analogue video signals.

The AMS-4370 changeover relay is arranged as a changeover switch with two inputs and two outputs. No terminations are provided on the board of the AMS-4370 changeover relay allowing the switcher to be used in a variety of applications and with signals of various types and impedances.

The magnetic latching characteristic of the high performance AMS-4370 changeover relay allows momentary control and also provides for no change of path during power loss. Remote changeover is by a momentary ground connection.

The AMS-4370 changeover relay is ideally suited to applications where a simple choice between two inputs or outputs is required and may be easily driven by detector circuits for automatic path selection.

Remote indication of tally and local/remote status is provided for integration into central alarm and monitoring systems.

The AMS-4370 changeover relay card is built to the Eurocard format and is designed to fit IRT Electronics’ Standard Eurocard frame as well as IRT’s 4000 series frame for use with IRT’s SNMP system and may be used alongside any other of IRT’s analogue or digital Eurocards.


  • Signal path suitable for HDSDI (1.485Gb/s), SDI , analogue video, ASI data streams and G703 signals @ 2, 8, 34, 45, 144, 155Mb/s
  • Momentary Set/Reset or HI/LO logic control
  • No path change on power fail
  • Local or remote control
  • Front panel LED status indicators
  • Optional plug in SNMP monitoring and switching module.

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