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Construction software from Exchequer Software (Australia)

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Exchequer Software (Australia)  offers industry specific solutions that includes construction software, education software, distribution software, manufacturing software, retail accounting and not for profit accounting. The construction accounting software offered by Exchequer Software (Australia) includes extensive accounting features that are specifically designed for construction and contraction industries.

The construction software enables contractors to manage their complex applications and valuation processes in very effective manner which results in massive time saving benefits as well as greater control of projects. The customer software from Exchequer Software (Australia) is completely complied with construction industry schemes. The software provides complete cost control right from start to finish of every contact.

Construction software from Exchequer Software (Australia) delivers CIS returns within few seconds; besides this the software also controls CIS taxation issues which include printing of CIS23 and 25 vouchers and sub-contractor or client retentions. The timesheets are produced electronically from the construction software. The transactions with the help of this software involve remote electronic authorisation. There are no chances of invoices being lost and thus manages all authorisation processes of the clients.

The totally integrated project, time as well as job costing software ensures control even if the clients operate on slim margins. There are automated alerts in the software that delivers warnings through SMS text messages or e-mails and thus informs about key situations to clients.

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