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Steel Storage Racking Inspections by IRIA

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IRIA  (Independent Racking Inspections & Audits) offer their expertise in steel storage racking inspections to distributed businesses to meet OHS&E requirements.  

Some facts about steel storage racking:

  • For every 100 bays of racking, at least 7 are potentially ready to collapse
  • Australian Standard AS4084 for Steel Storage Racking requires the racking to be inspected annually
  • Businesses are required to demonstrate that they have a safe method of work related to managing damage and repairs to their racks
IRIA is an independent rack inspection service that inspects steel storage racking systems and offers a closed loop racking management and repair service. The independent service factor is important because:
  • Companies that sell racks treat inspections as a way to improve sales of spare parts and repairs
  • Companies that sell racks usually only inspect the brand of racks that they sell

By being independent and not selling racking systems, IRIA is able to specialise in these rack inspection services that include:

  • Instant access to inspection reports upon completion
  • 24/7 access to inspection report history
  • Skilled and dedicated racking inspectors
  • Expert consultancy for racking design improvement
  • Independent procurement and management of racking repairs
  • Unbiased, client-focused advice

IRIA can provide combined inspection and repair services, whilst remaining independent of both installers and manufacturers.  

IRIA offers a range of very flexible and cost-effective racking inspection and management solutions designed to keep businesses and their employees safe.

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