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Checking if your shelving and racking safety standards stand up

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A busy warehouse professional has to deal with different challenges every day from staff management, and flow of stock to forklift operation and maintenance.

Amidst this busy workday, there is every chance that certain fundamentals of warehousing can easily get overlooked, such as pallet racking.

The mainstay of any warehousing infrastructure, pallet racking is subject to various kinds of abuse in the course of the day including nudges from forklifts, or safety clips getting knocked off by stock. All these problems are pushed aside to be dealt with during a quieter period.

However, even a simple little component such as the safety clip is a major factor in the safety of the pallet racking and could be the difference between a safe working environment and a dangerous one. One missing safety clip is all it can take for a major collapse to happen in the right conditions.

Busy warehouses need the assistance of an independent service provider to inspect the racking and ensure they match up to OH&S requirements. Australian Standard AS4084-12 states that inspections should be carried out at least annually. When a warehouse does not meet the specified Australian Standards, in the event of a racking failure that causes injury or death, the business and the business owner could be held culpable.

Contact IRIA for a free no obligation assessment of your steel pallet racking, and find out if your company is at risk.

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