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Elsteel’s fully withdrawable cells available from IPD Industrial Products

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Elsteel’s TECHNO modular switchboard system, supplied by IPD Industrial Products , is now available with a fully withdrawable cell.

This new design features removable modular front panels, making it convenient for switchboard builders to mount operating equipment like rotary handles, pushbuttons and pilot lights. All control and communication plugs can be accessed from the side via the cable zones and it is possible to mount up to 48 control pins on each cell.

The standard features of the modular switchboard systems include three distinct positions such as inserted, test or isolated and fully withdrawn with position indicators and padlocking facility. With the use of cable boxes, an internal segregation up to form 4b can be achieved.

The TECHNO design allows fully withdrawable cells and fixed cells to be mounted in the same tier. The compartment sizes range from 200 width x 200 height to 600 width x 600 height. Sizes up to 1000 height are available on request. The 200 width x 200 height cells allow the user to mount up to 27 cells in a single tier, providing a high level of density.

The fully withdrawable compartments are rated up to 630A. Earth contacts that make first and break last are provided as a safety feature. The design also comprises main switch shaft interlocks and compartment interlocks for additional safety. Heavy duty stainless steel handles and mechanisms offer reliable operations.

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